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Residential GARAGE DOORS 

Standard Raised Panel Garage Door

The quintessential design dominating the garage door industry is the raised panel door – a timeless choice that may be the perfect fit for your needs. These doors come in many colors, featuring options with or without windows and various insulation styles. Our preferred choices include the DoorLink Mfg: model 510 and the Garaga Model 25N, both known for their exceptional quality. However, we also provide options from other manufacturers, ensuring a wide selection to cater to your specific preferences.

Raised panel garage door
Photo of two garage with new cedar plank doors by Garage Door Rescue, LLC

Carriage Style Garage Door

Upgrade your garage door aesthetics with the Carriage Style Garage Door – a sophisticated alternative with raised panels that add a touch of uniqueness without a significant cost increase compared to standard styles. This distinctive door not only enhances the visual appeal of your home but also provides a cost-effective way to elevate its overall look. Available in a wide range of colors, with options for windows and various insulation styles, this door allows you to customize the perfect fit for your property.

Our top choices for Carriage-Style doors include the DoorLink Mfg. Model 431 and the Garaga 24N Carriage Design both of which are recognized for their quality craftsmanship.

Modern Steel Garage Door

Experience the rising trend of modern design with a Modern Steel Garage Door. This contemporary style offers a seamless, sleek appearance, providing your home with a crisp and clean aesthetic. Whether you prefer a flush panel painted finish or the warmth of a specialty wood-tone garage door, we have the perfect options to enhance the overall look of your home.

Our preferred choices for Modern Steel garage doors include the DoorLink Mfg. Model 3700 Ozark, Model 541, and the C.H.I. Plank Collection Model 2327, all exemplifying cutting-edge design and quality. Elevate the appearance of your home with the modern sophistication and versatility of our Modern Steel Garage Door collection, tailored to meet your aesthetic preferences.

Photo of two garage with new cedar plank doors by Garage Door Rescue, LLC
Photo of Full View Garage door

Full-View Metal Garage Door

Explore the allure of commercial styling brought into residential spaces with our Full-View Metal Garage Door. Inspired by commercial aesthetics, this door blends sleek design with a spectrum of powder-coated colors and window options. The result is a garage door that stands out and elevates your home’s curb appeal.

Boasting large windows, a streamlined frame, and smooth operation, this increasingly popular style makes a bold statement. While it falls on the higher end of the garage door industry in terms of cost, its undeniable impact on your home’s appearance is unparalleled. Our preferred choice for Full-View Metal Garage Doors is the C.H.I. Model 3295, which delivers a perfect balance of style and functionality.

Custom Cedar Garage Door

Elevate the look of your home with our exclusive Custom Cedar Garage Doors. Opting for Garage Doors crafted from 100% Cedar is a premier choice for those seeking a truly customized appearance. These doors are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer limitless design possibilities. Each door is a unique creation, reflecting your personal style, ensuring that your garage door is a standout feature of your home. Explore the realm of possibilities with a Custom Cedar Garage Door.

Photo of Full View Garage door
Photo of Full View Garage door

Smart Trim Garage Door

For those desiring the warmth and authenticity of wood without the premium price, our Smart Trim Garage Doors provide an ideal solution. These doors cleverly mimic the appearance of wood doors while being constructed as flush panel doors with wood trim. This innovative design allows you to achieve a custom look at a more budget-friendly cost.

Whether you’re inclined towards the rich authenticity of Custom Cedar Garage Doors or the cost-effective elegance of Smart Trim Garage Doors, our team is prepared to assist you in bringing your vision to life.

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