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Residential Door Repair

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Residential garage door repair

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As a fireman-owned company, we understand the need for a swift response to an emergency. With a commitment to safety, integrity, and reliability, we bring the same dedication to your home as we do to our communities. Our team of skilled technicians is trained to handle any garage door issue efficiently and effectively. Whether it’s a broken spring, malfunctioning opener, or general maintenance, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction above all else. Count on us to keep your garage door operating smoothly, providing you and your family peace of mind.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Is a broken spring causing you trouble? It’s a common issue, but did you know that many customers are overcharged for this seemingly simple repair? At our company, we believe in transparency and fair pricing. Don’t fall for unnecessary charges or deceptive practices when it comes to your broken spring repair needs. We specialize in spring replacements and take pride in saving our customers money on these essential repairs.

Please call (817) 313-1457 to discuss your spring replacement needs. You can trust us to provide honest, reliable service that won’t break the bank.

Broken Spring Repair, garage door.
Garage door with flipped cable.

Flipped Cable Repair

Is your garage door crooked? The culprit might be a flipped cable, a potentially hazardous issue that requires professional attention. Attempting this repair on your own can be risky. Our company specializes in handling such dangerous repairs with expertise and precision. Safeguard your home and family by entrusting us with your flipped cable repair.

Please call (817) 313-1457 to schedule a service appointment and let our experienced team know your garage door’s safety and proper functioning. 


Bent Door Panel Repair

Bent door panels can result from various factors, such as a door closing on a vehicle, accidental impact, excessive opener force, or inherent instability of the panel. Our skilled technicians are equipped to address these issues, offering solutions that include repairing or replacing individual sections whenever possible. Don’t let a bent door panel compromise the functionality and appearance of your garage door. 

Please call (817) 313-1457, and we’ll take care of the damage, providing efficient repair options tailored to your specific situation.

Bent garage door-residential
repairing garage door opener

Garage Door Opener Repair

Is your garage door opener acting up? Whether it’s malfunctioning, experiencing safety eye issues, or a broken gear, we’ve got you covered. Our skilled technicians specialize in repairing and servicing all garage door opener makes and models.

Don’t let these issues disrupt your daily routine – call (817) 313-1457 to schedule a prompt and efficient repair. Trust us to get your opener back in optimal condition, ensuring your garage door’s smooth operation and safety.

Cracked Door Panels

Over time, garage door panels may develop cracks and lose structural integrity, especially in older doors with limited maintenance. We recommend a complete replacement if you’re facing two or more cracked panels or if replacement panels are unavailable. Our team specializes in efficient and reliable garage door solutions.

Call (817) 313-1457 and let us assess the condition of your door. We’ll give you expert advice and guide you through the process of replacing your panels for a safer and more aesthetically pleasing garage door.

Commercial Garage Door Repair


Facts about Repairs & Service

Do I need to replace both springs if only one of them is broken?

Replacing all the springs when one breaks is advisable for doors equipped with multiple springs. Typically, the springs that appear in good condition (not broken) still have a similar usage and lifespan as the ones that have already failed. Our policy is not to replace just one spring in a multiple-spring assembly. This approach ensures a more reliable and lasting solution, aligning with our commitment to quality service.

Can we replace individual garage door panels?

Yes and No. If your door panels are still being manufactured, the answer is YES, individual panels can be replaced. If, however, the door manufacturer is no longer in business or the model of your garage door is discontinued, the answer is NO, individual panels will not be available.

Do you offer “Tune-up Specials?”

No. However, we do have service arrangements where we provide this service. Often, “Tune-up Specials” or “Safety Inspection” are phrases used by door companies to lure you into thinking that you will receive only this service.  This is usually just an introductory gimmick to allow you to let them into your home and have them leave an offering to perform hundreds of dollars of repairs, often unnecessarily.

Edit Suggestion:

No, we don’t offer specific “tune-up specials.” However, we provide service arrangements where we perform the necessary tune-up. Some door companies often use terms like “Tune-up Specials” or “Safety Inspection” as a marketing tactic, creating an impression that only that specific service will be offered. These offers are typically used to gain access to your home and potentially suggest additional, unnecessary, and expensive repairs.


Can we get Wi-Fi/App for door opener?

Yes. We sell Chamberlin and Liftmaster Garage Door Openers. 95% of these openers have MyQ technology integrated and can be controlled with the popular MyQ App.

What areas do you serve?

We cover the entire DFW Metroplex, serving Dallas, Tarrant, Johnson, Ellis, and Parker County. We also handle larger projects outside our immediate area, having installed garage doors in Houston, Austin, and Broken Bow, OK.

Do you offer same-day service?

Yes, we provide same-day service to many areas in DFW. We consistently perform same-day repairs in Tarrant County and Dallas County. Occasionally, we schedule more distant jobs together for efficiency. Our goal is to reach all customers within two days.

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Thanks, Adam! We had an emergency and you helped get our door back on track. You made a scary-looking situation much better.

John C. – Midlothian

We have used them numerous times, from repairing an old door to purchasing and installing a new garage door. I recommend Adam and his crew all the time and trust them 100%.

Candy S. – Mansfield

Quick response! Needed help the next day to get my car out. We had a broken spring. They came out and fixed it the next day, and the service was great.

Daniel H. – Grand Prairie

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